Technique: the basics

Throwing stance - Throw with your dominant hand while your dominant foot pointing towards the center of the dartboard, keep your shoulders, hips, and legs straight (some players lean a bit forward to get closer to the board but pay attention that will not compromise your balance).

Gripping - Stability and feeling are the key, hold the barrel firm without too much of tension on your fingers. Feel the balance between maintaining control and letting go enough to speed up the throw. The dart will move more smoothly when you use 3 fingers, this is also depending on the barrel type that you are holding. Don’t forget to loosen the rest of your fingers that are not holding the barrel.

Aiming - Aim with your dominant eye and hand. Raise your dart to eye level next to your eye. Your whole hand should be aligned forming 90 degrees angle, while your elbow and the tip of your dart are slightly up.

Releasing - Let your wrist snap forward while releasing your dart, and make sure not to let your wrist too downward, and let your arm hover in the air and continue with the motion of your fingers towards your target.