About us

We are a brand with a passion for darts and an understanding that finding the right equipment is important for players. The key to progressing in the sport and reaching higher levels is finding confidence in your setup. Our product range is now growing after supporting many players with equipment and we continue to strive for high quality and professional darts products.

Our mission:

To be the “The Choice of Future Champions”. We want to start people off on the right track with the best products so they can build on their talent with the best equipment in their hands. That’s why we also provide extras in our darts bundles, because we know that fine tuning your setup can help get the best results to suit your style and throw. This Includes different size stems and different shape flights to experiment with to get the right combination for you. We want to push the limits of darts design to bring you the best, so you can be rest assured the darts you are using won't let you down.