You might find this information helpful if you are new to the game of darts

Point – The point of a dart is secured within the barrel and is the part that enters the dartboard and is what is what is used to determine your score. Where the point enters the board is what determines your score for the dart.

Barrel – This is the main component of the dart that a player will touch. This is where most players hold their darts and provides most of the weight to the set up. The barrels can vary in size, weight, material, and grip style to suit many different styles of players.

O-Ring – The O-ring is usually paired with an aluminium stem to allow the stem to be held more securely. The rubber helps grip the stem into the barrel a little tighter. This is to prevent the stem from coming loose too easily.

Stem / Shaft – This part connects the Flight to the barrel. These are a crucial part in the flight of the dart, as it holds the stem securely into the set up. These come in a variety of sizes and materials and can be used to change how your darts fly and sit in the dartboard.

Flight – This part supports the flight of the dart, almost like the wings of a plane. These are secured into the stem to provide steady flight of the set up. These can also come in various sizes and shapes to fine tune the flight of the dart to suit the player.

Darts Sharpener – When a point loses its sharpness and becomes blunt, you can use the sharpening tool to make the point sharp again by rubbing the point within the sharpener. You can also use the surface like sandpaper to make a rougher surface on the point. This will help prevent the point from slipping out of the dartboard.