Configurable, Versatile and Stylish


Experiment different darts configurations to get what works for you with our collection of quality brass darts. The CC-Exquisite darts sets are manufactured from quality materials and designed to ensure the perfect size, weight and length for different finger placements.

Quality finished on our darts are customized to promote grip and overall control of your throws for the ultimate experience. Each darts set comes with unique features to make you master the game you love and enhance your experience.

Click on the links below to read more on the individual darts sets:

The Source - 20g

Cosmic Rays - 20/24g

Molecular - 22g

Luminary - 18/22g

Each of the CC-Exquisite darts bundle include all the components you need to configure your darts. You also get a multipurpose accessory to keep your darts in shape at all times. The darts sets can also make ideal gifts thanks to the neat Deluxe Drawer case packaging in which they come. It is time to take your darts game to the next level!