Your Ultimate Tune-up Kit


Scale up your game with CC-Exquite high-quality Accessories Kit. It comes complete with a selection of all essential parts – perfect replacements in case damages during play to ensure that your darts are in shape and ready at all times.

The CC-Exquite tune-up kit is ideal for players at all levels, from beginners to professionals. You get to experiment different configurations and set-ups to help fine-tune your throwing skills for smoother darts’ flights.

So, if you are looking to replace your shafts, set of flights or are out to experiment with different accessory combinations, CC-Exquite Darts Accessory Bundle will be your ultimate companion

Components of Dart Accessories

Molecular and Precision Flight Collection (18 Extra Thick Poly Pro Flights)

Trying out different shapes and textures for your flights is ideal for a stable flight path. For instance, Dimpled Flights will help slow down and stabilize your darts and Smooth Flights are great for maximum speed dynamics. The rigth choice will be dictated by tour throwing style.

Included in the Dart Accessories Kit are:

  • 6 Black Molecular Flights (3 x Slim + 3 x Standard)
  • 6 Orange Molecular Flights (3 x Slim + 3 x Standard)
  • 6 Gold Precision Flights (3 x Slim + 3 x Standard)

6 Extra Durable Aluminum Shafts + 6 Preinstalled Rubber O-rings

The precision-cut shafts ensure maximum grip of flights and durability. In our set, we’ve included different lengths to suit your style of throwing, with preinstalled rubber O-Rings to ensure a secure tight seal and hold. Keep in mind, the correct choice of a shaft can influence how your darts hit the board!

You get:

  • 3 x 35mm
  • 3 x 48mm
  • 6 x Rubber O-Rings