We are proudly launching Cosmic Rays

CC-Exquisite Customizable Configuration Darts Set which will help you discover the best possible dart and accessory combinations to suit your own style and ability.

Darts is all about personal preference! If you are considering buying a new set of darts and want to find the best possible configuration for your style you’ve just found the solution! We’ve created a bundle with a great selection of styles, sizes, and weights, inspired by the throwing techniques used by some of the best pro players all over the world!


CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set includes:

  • 6 x Precision Machined Brass Barrels: 3 x 20 grams + 3 x 24 grams

Probably the most important part of the dart is the barrel and affects the throw most significantly. We’ve created a straight style, suitable for any finger placement, with grip along the entire barrel, designed to deliver high levels of mechanical grip and balance!

  • 12 x Extra durable Aluminum Shafts: 6 x 35mm(1 gram) + 6 x 48mm(1.5 grams)

The most important thing to consider with a shaft is the length. The correct choice of a shaft can influence how your darts hit the board. Our set includes the most popular two different lengths!

  • 12 x Rubber O-Rings

Shaft locking system, great accessory installed between barrel and shaft to prevent loosening when dropped.

  • 12 High-Performance poly pro Dimpled Flights: 6 x Standard + 6 x Slim

The flight is the finishing touch to your darts! Trying out different shapes is vital for a stable flight path, in our bundle we’ve included two of the most common styles which will give you the possibility to fine-tune your darts. Standard flights give maximum leverage to the flight mechanism because of its larger area and Slim flights are designed for the fast-flying dart, allowing the tail to stay low.

  •  Darts multi-use tool and Sharpening Stone

Very helpful accessories for every darter!

  • The mechanic wrench tightens shafts, spreads shafts accurately for easy flight insertion, reshapes all shafts for perfect symmetry and it will even open your beverage bottle!
  • The abrasive sharpening stone will keep the tips of your darts sharp to minimize bouncing.

Cosmic Rays Professional Customizable Darts Bundle includes a lot of bonuses that don’t require any further tools or accessories and comes in a Deluxe Drawer Case for carrying and storage, which makes it the perfect gift for any dart lover!

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