Cosmic Rays-1-min1
6 x 20/24 Grams


Your throwing style and preferred confirgurations should define the structure of your darts. With the Cosmic Rays Darts Bundle, we give our clients the opportunity to experiment different combinations to get their right fit.

This means Cosmic Rays is perfect for everyone from novice darts players to players seeking to improve their game. The collection of accessories included in this bundle will enable you to try out different configurations of your darts until you find your fit.


Components of The Cosmic Rays Darts Bundle

6 Precision Machined Brass Barrels: 3 x 20 grams + 3 x 24 grams

The barrels are made from brass with stylish finishes to enhance grip and control. To ensure they work for every finger placement option, each barrel comes with a straight style design. This is in addition to ensuring the weight of individual barrels are precisely balanced for optimal control.

12 Extra durable Aluminum Shafts: 6 x 35mm(1 gram) + 6 x 48mm(1.5 grams)

The structure of the shaft dictates the performance of the dart in flight. We ensure that the shafts in the Cosmic Rays bundle are well balanced in terms of lenght and weight to enable you hit the board at your exact target.

12 Rubber O-Rings

These rings serve as the shaft locking system. They are the perfect accessory that are installed between the barrel and the shaft to prevent loosening and to keep these two together even when dropped.

12 High-Performance poly pro Dimpled Flights: 6 x Standard + 6 x Slim

The flight is the finishing touch to your darts. Trying out different shapes is vital for a stable flight path. In our bundle we’ve included two of the most common styles which will give you the possibility to fine-tune your darts. Standard flights give maximum leverage to the flight mechanism because of their larger area and Slim flights are designed for the fast-flying dart, allowing the tail to stay low.

Darts Multi-Use Tool and Sharpening Stone

This is a helpful accessory for every darter. The mechanic wrench tightens and reshapes shafts accurately for perfect symmetry and the abrasive sharpening stone will keep the tips of your darts sharp to minimize bouncing.

The Cosmic Rays darts bundle is a complete pack that comes with everything you need, from quality darts to accessories to keep your darts in perfect shape. Better yet, this bundle comes in a Deluxe Drawer case for storage making it an ideal gift option for a darts enthusiast.